1st December 2017

Final days in Manchester

Regular readers may have noticed that there have been some changes on the website – specifically that I am removing all reference to Manchester from it. This is because I am relocating to London to work with the amazing Mistress Wildfire at her dungeon in Brixton.Domme Sakura Strike London Mistress

This has been my last week in Manchester. On Saturday I am packing up all my high heels and moving down to London. I feel sad at leaving this wonderful city behind. However, there are opportunities waiting for me in the capital and I am looking for a new adventure. There are big plans for the future.

I have not left Manchester forever. I will definitely be back for visits and will be updating my touring page to let you all know when you can expect me. On those visits I will be working from the Stockport dungeon and any Manchester slaves are always welcome to session with me while I am there.

Keep an eye on this site for details of sessions and other exciting changes to come. For now I am feeling a little sad at leaving Manchester but also very excited at the change in scene and what is to come.

Mistress posts
26th November 2017


This is a post by my personal slave, Rose Satin, about an event that was very special for both of us. The day of her collaring.

“I’d planned to meet Mistress at the Stockport dungeon on Thursday this week. It had been a while since we had managed to find time to play so I was looking forward to it. On Sunday, however, she surprised me with a message that she wished to go shopping and to let her know a day before Thursday I could meet her.

“She then told me that she wished to go shopping for my collar. Mistress Sakura's personal slave

“I was, of course, very excited because I knew what this meant. Mistress intended to formally collar me as part of our session on Thursday. We met and spent a good while picking out a suitable collar and tag combination and then getting it engraved with my name and, most exciting of all, that I was the personal slave of Mistress. I was then given the collar and tag to take home with me and instructed to bring them both to the dungeon.

“On the day of the session, I met Mistress for lunch and we had a pleasant time eating and talking before getting a taxi to the dungeon. Once there, I was instructed to be naked and kneel in front of Mistress, passing her the collar. She told me that before she collared me, she wanted me to tell her ten reasons why I was being considered as her slave.

“I found this far more difficult than I thought I would. I stumbled over thinking of more than four. I kept restating the same ones in different ways, which obviously did not count. So, Mistress put down the collar and ordered me onto the spanking bench – chaining my wrists and ankles to it. She then told me that I needed some punishment to focus my mind so that the collaring could continue. She worked on with her hands and then a series of paddles. When she had finished, she unlocked me from the bench, leaving the cuffs and spreader bar on, and had me kneel in front of her again. She repeated the question she had asked before.

Mistress Sakura's boots“This time I was able to give better answers. I was aware that I was being reluctant to speak of my achievements and qualities and to prove myself worthy of her I had to recognise those parts of me. It was still a difficult task but this time I managed ten. Mistress then smiled and said a few words of her own about why she chose me before she put the collar around my neck and made me hers.

“It was a very simple collaring ceremony but all the more poignant because of it. An emotional transition point between states. After it was over we continued with the session and when I left I was taking with me my collar, wearing the chastity device that she had locked on me and feeling more owned than ever.”

A collaring can be a simple, private ceremony between the two individuals involved or it can be a more elaborate and public event. The important thing is that it is a personal event that means something to those involved. A formal declaration of two people committing to each other in the BDSM lifestyle.

Slave posts
3rd November 2017

Dinner Date with Mistress

Imagine meeting me for dinner in a luxurious restaurant. My choice, of course. Somewhere quiet and discreet with a selection of exotic foods. You take my coat and pull out a seat for me, making sure I am comfortable before taking your own seat. We exchange pleasantries while waiting to order. We peruse the menu and make selections. I have a refined palette that craves different flavours and sensations. Nothing pleases me more than being treated to something new. I might suggest something for you to try, or you might suggest something for me. The food arrives and we eat. Dinner with Mistress Sakura

While we eat, we talk. We discuss you and what you are like as a person. We discuss BDSM interests and your limits. We get to know each other and I delve deep into your mind so as to understand you and your kinks better. This allows me to build a better rapport with you than might be possible in a more traditional session where you meet me at the dungeon. We may have dessert, something indulgent. If I feel you deserve it. There may be coffee afterwards. We take our time, enjoying the experience and the anticipation of what is to come later.

Once our meal is done and you have paid the bill, we move on. You help me into my coat. We travel together to the dungeon where I put what I have learned to good use…

I believe in providing a more rounded and holistic view of BDSM in my sessions. I consider communication before and after a session to be important and am big on aftercare. Part of this is getting to know you better before we session. A dinner date with me is one way to achieve that in a very pleasant atmosphere.

My dinner date package includes a 2 hour session in the dungeon following our meal. For this you pay £400 and, of course, pick up the bill.

Mistress posts
17th October 2017


There is nothing like a good interrogation scene. A bare walled room. A single chair adorned with straps. A naked submissive, tied and vulnerable. A cruel and severe Mistress who wants answers to her many questions… who will break first? Sub or Domme?

What am I saying, of course it will be the sub… Domme Sakura interrogates her victim

Interrogation is very much an example of edge play. It plays on all the tropes from fiction and a dominant might use any method to extract the information she wants. Those exposed nipples, those dangling balls, they are all open for being played with. There are many clamps and weights that could be applied. I might use breath control, restrict your oxygen for a time to see if that makes you willing to talk. I could also get out the electrics. See what I can achieve with a Violet wand or a TENs device. Then there are more traditional methods of corporal punishment. Crops, whips, paddles and other impact devices. The traditional rubber hose of secret police the world over. Also, have you ever considered how painful a solid glue stick can be when it hits your tender flesh?

This week at the Stockport Dungeon, Mistress Luci and I have been yearning for some interrogation play. So much so we are offering a discount this week to any who book such a session… contact me on domme.sakura@gmail.com to book your slot in the chair…

Mistress posts
1st October 2017

A weekend of chastity – Day 2

This is Rose’s second report on her experience as a sissy chastity slave.

“There was a gap between watching the porn and the next task, which was to take place at 8pm. I filled the time with housework and cooking dinner and trying to forget about the ever present weight of the device on my cock. I am not sure how those in longer term chastity cope with that. I guess they just get used to it. My arousal and therefore distraction did go away after a while, to the point that the device felt more comfortable so maybe I was adapting to it enough to no longer feel it.Freedom from Chastity

“At 8pm, my orders were to use a ‘phallic object of my choice’ wrapped in a condom to try to achieve milking of my prostate. At our last meeting, Mistress had done this using her fingers. I found it to be a lot harder to achieve when trying to do it yourself. I used a carrot as that was the only thing I had in the house that was appropriate. It took some time to find the place where the pressure was clearly having an effect but even then it was hard to achieve much sensation. I kept getting close to the point where I felt I could push out something but then lost the momentum and had to fight to get it back. The orders stated that I was to try my best. I did not get the impression she expected me to succeed. After a while I managed to achieve a little fluid in my hand and decided to try for more would be too exhausting. I sent Mistress the proof and prepared for my evening.

“For that I was told to change my underwear into a more comfortable set. On our shopping trip a few weeks ago, Mistress had directed me to buy a bralette and panties set – a non underwired bra for use by those still developing breasts or who have very small ones. I was to wear this set and to keep it on all night while I slept.

“I spent the rest of the evening trying to relax and ignore the demands of my aroused cock.

“Overnight was easier than the previous night. I found it easier to sleep and the device seemed more comfortable. Maybe milking had relieved some of the pressure or I was just getting more used to not being able to satisfy myself at will. Maybe it was the thought that morning would bring release from the cage (if not necessarily permission to cum).

“In the morning, the orders were to watch another porn of my choice and send evidence of this to Mistress in the form of a link and a report on why I chose it. I chose a piece that was centred around predicament bondage and electroplay as well as strap on because I love those elements. I was then to take the key out of the freezer and photograph it to prove it was still locked in ice then leave it to melt. I was told I could remove the device at 12. In the meantime, Mistress had sent me a task to write a short story about the fictional life of Rose Satin. There were parameters set for this. It had to include scenes of getting made up to go out, seducing men, forced bi, anal sex and white high heels. This was to be sent to Mistress after the 12pm release. I actually finished this in plenty of time and was then left waiting… an hour to release. That hour seemed to drag.

Owned by Domme Sakura, Manchester Mistress “Finally, I was able to put the key in the lock and open it up. I took the final photo, set up as Mistress demanded, and sent it along with the story.

“Overall, I have enjoyed this weekend of having my orgasms controlled. Even more than I did for the Seven Day Itch. This was because the device added a whole new layer of control. I thought I was able to control my orgasms adequately and, when I do have control of my own In can go days without needing anything at all. However, the device put any level of control out of my reach and totally in the hands of my Keyholder. There was very little I could do to achieve any form of pleasure. When doing the seven day itch I knew I could always still stroke myself. I could not orgasm but I could get pleasure from the touch. With the device there was no way to achieve much more than a frustrating level of touch through the holes in the plastic and stroking my balls – which just made things worse.

“I have found my experience this weekend to have strengthened my submission to Domme Sakura. I was actually regretting the device coming off, even though it frustrated me so much. I look forward to many other experiences like this in the future.”

If you would like Domme Sakura Strike to control your chastity, contact her on domme.sakura@gmail.com

Slave posts
30th September 2017

A weekend of chastity – day 1

This is copied from a report sent to me by my Sissy slave Rose (@fetishdj). I went away for the weekend and left him some instructions so he did not get into trouble while I was gone.Domme Sakura's cock is caged for her pleasure

“I got the instructions sent to my email on Friday evening. I was on my way home from work when I opened the mail on my phone and read them – scared about what might be in there. I knew some of the things that may be asked of me because we had discussed the limits and suchlike but I was still nervous about what could happen. The plan was that I would spend the weekend in chastity, with tasks set by Domme Sakura to tease me throughout the weekend. This was, I thought, going to be not much more different to the ‘seven day itch’ I did with Mistress last year. However, I soon found that was not the case. This was far more challenging.

“The first instruction was to send Mistress a photograph of my cock in chastity, locked, and put the key into an ice tray to be frozen for the weekend. I was to achieve this by 8pm. I was to send a photo of the frozen key by 10pm. This I did after my bath in the evening. Locking the device on felt very final, though it took a while to achieve as it is not easy to squeeze them on. The design of this particular device means there is a solid ring to squeeze on over your balls. That can be harder to do than the ones with a folding ring. Then there is the problem of getting the plastic cage on over the cock when you are starting to get an erection because the very thought of being in chastity is arousing. Some ice and some lube finally managed to get it all on before the deadline and I posted the photo of the cage and the ice tray with the frozen key before the respectful deadlines.

The Key to Domme Sakura's cock“I then had a night of sleep in chastity, knowing that the next day would be more tasks and these ones harder to survive. In the night, I kept getting aroused. This meant painful pressure on the walls of the cage and some messy pre-cum.

“The next morning I had until 11 to shower, get dressed in sissy underwear and put on a rope harness. I managed to send that photo to Mistress before 10 and went about my normal day. Mostly doing housework. The effect of the frilly underwear and the straining on the cage was distracting and I found I could not work very effectively. However, I did get my chores done.

“I had until 2pm to perform my next task – go to a public place and prove to Mistress I was still wearing the underwear. This was difficult because the bra I had chosen was padded and actually showed under my clothes. I asked for permission to change and was granted it on the understanding I tried to dress in a way that covered it first. This I did and managed to find a coat big enough to not show the shape of breasts created by the padded bra. I took the dog for a walk and took a discrete snap in a public place when no one was looking and sent it to Mistress.

“The next task was to spend the afternoon researching sissy pictures and then watching porn. I had some parameters to take into account here. First for the photos they had to be of brunette sissies dressed in blue frilly outfits. This was quite easy – there seem to be a lot of them about and even a simple Google search was enough. I picked some nice ones and sent the links.

“The porn watching was hard. I found this difficult because in my days pre chastity I would rarely be able to watch porn all the way through without needing to cum. I had some parameters – anal, strap on and bondage. The videos I found had to include some of those, preferably all. I went through many searches and watched quite a few videos, looking for the elusive ones that had all three. The difficulty came from controlling myself. By the end of this my cock was dripping precum and I had a definite itch that needed to be scratched. I found myself wondering if this was what it was like for those who do chastity on an even longer term or do they get used to it? At this point I had another night locked up before I would be allowed to defrost the key in the morning and get out. My mind kept getting distracted and thinking about all the sexy images, completely losing focus.

“And I still had tasks to perform in the evening and tomorrow morning…”

You can read the rest of Rose Satin’s adventures in chastity tomorrow…

14th September 2017

Shopping with Mistress Sakura

This is a post from @fetishdj, one of my slaves.

“I have been serving Domme Sakura for about a year now. Part of that service has been exploring my sissy side. This has accelerated recently due to two events. One was a discussion we had over my sissy name. After much deliberation, Mistress decided that I was now to be known as ‘Rose’ because she liked flower names (another option was Lily) and Rose was a particular favourite of hers. Oddly enough it was also a favourite of mine so the choice seemed obvious. The second was a sudden and unexpected shopping trip.Shopping with Domme Sakura

“I had been on my way to meet her last Thursday when she messaged me with a change in plans. She said we would meet in town and that Rose needed to go shopping. I was immediately nervous and excited. I’d been shopping for myself in the past but had never been shopping with a Mistress. I had no idea what to expect from this trip, what humiliation she would inflict on me in the shops.

“We met at a café and had a drink and a chat over coffee and a sandwich. Mistress explained what was going to happen. We were going to go to several shops and look for underwear and clothes for Rose to wear. She asked me if I knew my sizes and I told her what I remembered them to be from the last time I had gone shopping. When we had finished our drinks, we left the café and headed to the nearest department store. There we started browsing the racks.

Lingerie section with Domme Sakura“The first rack she took me to held a lot of pink tops. She decided that pink was definitely Rose’s colour. She picked out a couple of tops for me to look at and asked me which one I preferred. I decided on both. She seemed pleased with that answer and pointed out that one of the tops was a very see through. lacy one which I could wear over the other one to make a nice outfit. This would go well with the plain, black skirt I had already bought.

“Next we went into the lingerie section. Again pink was the theme and a selection of different style bras and matching knickers were presented for choice. I came out with a number of sets, all in pink, which I am sure will be worn at some point.

“All through this I was feeling very self conscious of being in public and demonstrating my sissy nature. This was a thrill to me as was the pleasure of spending quality time with Mistress. We went to several more shops where Mistress did some shopping of her own before having another sit down and a drink together at the end of our trip. I was then instructed to take my purchases home and photograph them. This I did as soon as I got home.

“Next time I see Mistress I am sure I will be expected to wear some of those items for her.”

If you feel you need your sissy wardrobe updating, you can book with me to go shopping. Contact me on Email: domme.sakura@gmail.com to find out how. Or you can book to join me at Sissy Manor in March.

Slave posts
7th September 2017

Slavery and Financial domination

This is a post from the point of view of one of my slaves:

“I have served Mistress Sakura for just over a year now. In that time I have done many things for her, including helping to keep her house clean, reorganising her shoe collection and helping her dress. Over this time I have been considering what it means to be a personal, lifestyle slave to a Mistress.Domme Sakura, Manchester's beautiful Mistress

The one aspect of slavery that I keep coming back to is the simple phrase of ‘making her life easier’. This, I think, is where you have the flip between being a submissive who visits a ProDomme to being a true lifestyle slave. Being the former is fun, it involves lots of kink and satisfies many needs. However, to take that next step into being a lifestyle submissive, you need to change your viewpoint and put her needs above yours.

So when there was a pair of shoes she wanted, I offered to pay for them. I also pay for her monthly phone bill and for her to have a monthly cinema card. These things I do not out of expectation of any reward but because I feel it is important for me to help her. Though I do not expect anything in return, she does appreciate my efforts and will often give rewards for such gifts. Sometimes this might be a public thank you and a photo of her in the items bought on Twitter. Other times it may be a special treat in session. An item bought might be worn or used, for example.”

Enter Domme Sakura's chambers at your own riskFinancial domination often gets a bad name. It can be seen as more or less begging, the dominant basically asks for money with no return promised. However it is not always the case. I believe a dominant should be generous to her supplicants, acknowledging their gifts and tribute. If you choose to serve me in this way you will be rewarded for your tribute in an appropriate manner. I also see issues with other financial practises such as blackmail. While I do not condemn those who do engage in it and recognise it as a fun kink for some, I find it is usually not worth the time and effort needed to make it work properly.

However, I do appreciate it if a submissive client does something nice for me. Sends me an Amazon voucher. Buy me something from my Wishlist. Or even just brings me a small gift to a session when they visit. You can even offer to adopt one of my Bills or offer to take me shopping or out for dinner. I am always open to small tokens like this and will always reward them.

Slave posts
31st August 2017

Breath play

I have always enjoyed the power exchange aspects of BDSM. Breath play is an activity I consider to be a perfect demonstration of the control and trust inherent in such a relationship. The submissive must trust the dominant implicitly, put himself completely in her hands and allow her to take control over one of the fundamental requirements for life. That level of power exchange is the essential nature of dominance to me.Heavy Rubber hood breath play

Of course, this is a form of edge play. Breath play involves a risk which both the submissive and the dominant need to be aware of. It is important to follow basic safety while engaging in it and maintain good communication at all times. Not only that, but a dominant should be watchful for signs of distress or difficulty in her sub. This is not an activity to be taken lightly!

There are many ways to control a sub’s breathing. The most simple include little more than a leather or rubber gloved hand across the mouth and nose. The glove forms a tight seal on the mouth if enough pressure is applied and the fingers can be used to pinch the nostrils. Those fingers provide the control – squeeze tight and no air at all, release and there is a little relief. The feel of leather or latex across the mouth adds a sensual element to the play too. Not to mention a thrill for fetishists. There is also the option to use the other hand, which can also be gloved, to give an added sensuality to the experience.

Manchester Mistress Sakura visits the Area 51 dungeon at M.A.R.S

Alien Autopsy at M.A.R.S gas mask

For more advanced options there is specialist equipment available. Latex breath control masks, for example. An airtight, completely sealed latex hood with one or more tubes protruding from it – usually at least one for the mouth and sometimes two more for the nostrils. The sub can breath through the tubes. Well, just about. They also get the fun of almost complete sensory deprivation. They also do not know when I will close off the tubes and cut off their breath. Or for how long this will happen.

Gas masks are another tool that can be used. These are designed to be airtight and again the Domme can control the airflow. There are even such things as breath control latex pants that the dominant wears and which are connected by a long tube to a latex hood.

The purpose of breath play is, as I said, control and trust. But it is also about achieving a light headed feel from the lack of oxygen which can be a very erotic sensation. Care must be taken, however, to ensure this is done safely – enough to create that feeling without going too far.

If you want to experience breath play, email domme.sakura@gmail.com and come join me at the Stockport Dungeon or on one of my London weekends.

Mistress posts
22nd August 2017

Corporal Punishment

I do like inflicting pain on my submissives. I take a lot of pleasure in watching them squirm in their bonds while I walk around their helpless body, looking for good spots to strike. I might stroke my crop over their quivering flesh, making them whimper in anticipation. Or I might lightly tap at their balls or flick at their nipples. Nothing too drastic. Not at first. I make them wait for the real pain.Domme Sakura inflicts pain

Then a build up. Some lashes across the naked backside that come suddenly, causing them to yelp in surprise. But not too much pain yet. I might make them count each strike and thank me for the privilege of me deigning to hurt them. Each stroke they must call out a number followed by “Thank you, Mistress Sakura.” Each time they fail to count or thank me clearly adds another to the number they must endure. How many strokes they must endure depends on how generous I am feeling.

As the punishment progresses, the pain builds. Not only is each stroke harder and faster than the last but the sub is running out of places to be hit that have not already endured the crop. I place red welts on their buttocks and down the backs of their legs, each slashing strike leaving a vivid reminder of what I did that they will take home with them. A welt lasts longer than a kiss.

Red welts on bottom by Domme SakuraI do enjoy working with masochists. I like the sensation of absolute power I feel when they willingly submit to me and allow me to torment them with my tools. I have often used canes, floggers and paddles on submissives but my true weapon of choice has to be the riding crop. This is because of the level of control I can achieve with it – every strike made in a precise spot and to an exact pressure. Nothing is left to chance and every mark made is there because I intended it. I feel a crop is one of the most useful tools in a Domme’s arsenal. It can be sensual as well as painful and those two combined create powerful sensations.

I have recently been working in a dungeon specialising in pain in London, where I have had the pleasure of working with some very capable masochists. I am also seeing pain sluts at the Stockport dungeon. If you think you are a masochist capable of enduring my attentions, email me…

Mistress posts