17th October 2017


There is nothing like a good interrogation scene. A bare walled room. A single chair adorned with straps. A naked submissive, tied and vulnerable. A cruel and severe Mistress who wants answers to her many questions… who will break first? Sub or Domme?

What am I saying, of course it will be the sub… Domme Sakura interrogates her victim

Interrogation is very much an example of edge play. It plays on all the tropes from fiction and a dominant might use any method to extract the information she wants. Those exposed nipples, those dangling balls, they are all open for being played with. There are many clamps and weights that could be applied. I might use breath control, restrict your oxygen for a time to see if that makes you willing to talk. I could also get out the electrics. See what I can achieve with a Violet wand or a TENs device. Then there are more traditional methods of corporal punishment. Crops, whips, paddles and other impact devices. The traditional rubber hose of secret police the world over. Also, have you ever considered how painful a solid glue stick can be when it hits your tender flesh?

This week at the Stockport Dungeon, Mistress Luci and I have been yearning for some interrogation play. So much so we are offering a discount this week to any who book such a session… contact me on domme.sakura@gmail.com to book your slot in the chair…

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